TopFrogLogoSMThe idea for Top Frog Music group came about “way back” in the early ’00s. As a result of his 30-odd years of working in music, George Kilby Jr has worn many hats. While necessity rather than choice determined this, Kilby has learned to weave his colorful career from very diverse threads. Little did he know that when he produced his second album for Pinetop Perkins (Blues Album of the Year ’93), that Pine and George would work together another 10 years. Many people see George primarily as a bluesman because of that long relationship and steadfast friendship. However, collaborations, songwriting, and touring projects in the genres of New Orleans, Singer/Sonwriter, Jamband, Music Education, and Country Music were all begun during the “Pinetop Era”.

This site is the home for many of these projects as well as some that are quite new. Top Frog Music Group is also home for the booking, management and tour management of some of the most talented and hardworking people in the roots music field today. With incredible diversity such as a country band from Denmark, a music educational program on American History, and a virtuoso harmonica player, a website and a place for the world to learn about these projects has been sorely needed for years. We are proud that the Top Frog Music Group now has its own forum.